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Campaign Overview

Dates: Friday, September 9, 2016 – Thursday, September 15, 2016

Spokesperson: Radhika Fox, CEO of the U.S. Water Alliance and Director of the Value of Water Coalition

Topic: On Thursday, September 15, 2016, the Value of Water Coalition launched Imagine a Day Without Water, a national campaign to educate and engage the public and stakeholders about how water is essential, invaluable, and worthy of investment. The movement highlights efforts being made across the United States to improve the way the water is being delivered and distributed. Radhika Fox, CEO of the U.S. Water Alliance and Director of the Value of Water Coalition, was available for television and radio interviews to talk about the essential nature of water in daily life, how reliable water service drives the U.S. economy, the risks to our aging water infrastructure systems and what’s being done to address it, and how listeners can participate in the Imagine a Day Without Water campaign (#ValueWater).

Strategy: Lyons PR targeted local television stations and radio talk programs in cities where Value of Water Coalition wanted to highlight progress. Target cities included Atlanta, where experts were working on a reservoir for emergency backup water supply; San Francisco, where a new earthquake-resilient pipeline has been designed to better protect southern California’s water utility network from natural disasters; and Washington, DC, where experts are looking to use human waste to generate renewable energy.

Results: Lyons PR successfully booked 25 interviews over radio and television outlets. These interviews were heard and seen across the country.  Almost all interviews aired in the morning show time of each respective market.
This effort garnered 2,991 and over 6 million gross impressions.

Number of
Radio Interviews Conducted
Number of TV Interviews Conducted
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Number of
Taped Interviews
Total Number
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Total Verified Gross Impressions
From All Interviews
Interview Breakdown
Outlet Show Market Media Type Broadcast Date(s) Airings Gross Impressions Live or Taped
Public News Service - California Newscasts Statewide - CA News 09-12-2016 249 422,527 Taped
Public News Service — California webstory:  Clean Water Advocates Ask: Imagine a Day without Water
WTMJ-AM (#2 Overall) Newscast Milwaukee, WI NT 09-15-2016 2 38,890 Taped
Public News Service - Maryland Newscasts Statewide - Maryland News 09-19-2016 145 265,700 Taped

Public News Service — Maryland webstory: Petition Asks Lawmakers for Safer Water, Infrastructure

24/7 News Source Newscasts National Newstalk 09-15-2016 2300 1,626,075 Taped
SiriusXM Satellite Radio The Morning Briefing National Newstalk 09-15-2016 1 1,200,000 LIVE
WRAL-FOX FOX 50 News Raleigh, NC TV 09-15-2016 1 33,874 LIVE
Ohio News Network Newscasts Statewide - OH Newstalk 09-16-2016 237 384,000 Taped

Public News Service — Ohio webstory: Who Doesn’t Like Clean Water? Imagine a Day Without It

WCMU-FM Newscasts Flint, MI NPR 09-16-2016 8 4,512 Taped
WFXR-FOX Good Day Virginia Roanoke, VA TV 09-22-2016 1 4,347 Live-to-tape
Labor's Talk Radio The Union Edge National Talk 09-16-2016 28 24,000 Live-to-tape
WFMJ-NBC 21 WFMJ News Youngstown, OH TV 09-20-2016 1 3,191 Live-to-tape
WIAT-CBS Newscast Birmingham, AL TV 09-25-2016 2 11,854 Taped
WTWO-NBC Newscast Terre Haute, IN TV 09-23-2016 2 4,873 Taped
KTNV-ABC The Morning Blend Las Vegas, NV TV 09-15-2016 1 10,197 Taped
Coffee with America Newscast National TV 09-24-2016 1 1,800,000 Live-to-tape

Confirmed airings in:  New York City (Time Warner, SmartCity TV), Los Angeles (Time Warner, Coaxial, LPTV), Chicago (RCN, Kraus), Dallas-Ft. Worth (Time Warner, Millennium Telecom, East Texas Cable), San Francisco (Wave Broadband, Google Fiber, Astound Broadband), Boston (RCN, Harron Communications, Southern Vermont Cable), Washington, DC (Antietam Cable), Atlanta (Plantation Cablevision, HC Cable Opco), and Houston (Centrovision, En-Touch, CCNS, Phonoscope)

WFTX-FOX Newscast Fort Myers, FL TV 09-21-2016 1 8,880 Taped
KCTU-IND Your Day Wichita, KS TV 09-20-2016 1 1,211 Taped
WTKR-CBS Coast Live! Norfolk, VA TV 09-16-2016 1 19,740 Live-to-tape
WTMJ-NBC Newscast Miwaukee, WI TV 09-20-2016 1 7,083 Live-to-tape
KWGN-CW Colorado's Best Denver, CO TV 09-20-2016 1 17,857 LIVE
KRIV-FOX Online Story Houston, TX Web 09-16-2016 1 64,804 Taped
WGHP-FOX The Fox 8 News at Noon Greensboro, NC TV 09-15-2016 1 18,144 LIVE
WKYC-NBC Live on the Lakeside Cleveland, OH TV 09-16-2016 2 43,726 Taped
XETV-CW Newscast San Diego, CA TV 09-19-2016 1 5,848 Taped
KXNT-AM Newscast Las Vegas, NV Taped 09-16-2016 2 2,524 Taped
Media Advisory


National Campaign to Raise Awareness about the Water Infrastructure Crisis in the U.S. Launches on 9/15

WHO:             Radhika Fox, CEO of the U.S. Water Alliance and Director of the Value of Water Coalition

WHEN:          Thursday, September 15, 2016; 7:00 a.m. ET – 1:00 p.m. ET

WHY:             Water is essential in everyday life: it nourishes us, cleans us and sustains us. The average American uses 176 gallons of water per day, but we rely on water for so much more than just flushing the toilet or taking a shower. Water is critical for manufacturing, agriculture, energy production and transportation. And as we saw in Flint, Michigan, water is a public health and safety issue.

Our nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure is at risk. More than 1.7 trillion gallons of drinking water is lost every year due to faulty, aging, or leaky pipes. There are 700 water main breaks every day –that’s one every two minutes — and the average age of our pipes is nearly a half century, or even older in urban areas like New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

That’s why the Value of Water Coalition is launching Imagine a Day Without Water, a national education campaign to engage the public about how water is essential, invaluable, and needs investment. It will take place on Thursday, September 15th and includes events, resolutions and social media engagement (@TheValueofWater on Twitter, #ValueWater)) across the country.

Radhika Fox, CEO of the US Water Alliance and Director of the Value of Water Coalition, will be available via satellite to discuss:

– The essential nature of water in daily life (homes, parks, schools, businesses and jobs) and how reliable water service drives the U.S. economy.

– The risks to our aging water infrastructure systems and what’s being done to address it.

– How viewers can participate in the Imagine a Day Without Water

“Most people can take for granted that when they turn on the tap, or flush the toilet, water systems function exactly as they are supposed to,” says Radhika Fox. “But the systems that provide critical water and wastewater services are aging and we need to take action before it gets worse. A day without water would be nothing short of a crisis, which is why it’s important to spread awareness about the essential role that water plays in our lives.”

Here are some more notable statistics about the value of water in the U.S.:

– Forty percent of water in America is used to produce our food and beverages.

– One-third of the economy would grind to a halt without access to clean water

– Large water and wastewater utilities will support 289,000 jobs over the next 10 years.

– A third of Americans are currently affected by drought conditions

– An estimated $4.8 trillion is needed to invest over the next 20 years to keep our wastewater systems in a state of good repair.

For more information, visit www.imagineadaywithoutwater.org or www.thevalueofwater.org or Twitter: @TheValueofWater #ValueWater.

About the Value of Water Coalition: The Value of Water Coalition is a collaboration of local and national leading water experts and providers, policy groups, water reliant businesses, and more, who have come to raise awareness that our water infrastructure is at risk. We are united in elevating the importance of water to the economic, environmental and social well-being of America.

Suggested Questions:

1. What is the idea behind the Imagine a Day without Water campaign?

2. How is our water infrastructure at risk?

3. What is being done at the local, state and federal level to strengthen these critical systems?

4. What can people do to spread the message about the importance of investing in water infrastructure?

5. What can viewers/listeners do to help ensure that they and their families can continue to enjoy safe, reliable water for generations to come?

Interview Schedule

Friday, September 8, 2016

Time (E.T.) Station Format Market Host Live or Taped
1:45 p.m. (10 mins) Public News Service – California N Statewide – CA Suzanne Potter Taped

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Time (E.T.) Station Format Market Host Live or Taped
3:20 p.m. (10 mins) WTMJ-AM (#2 Overall) NT Milwaukee, WI  Eric Taped
3:30 p.m. (10 mins) Public News Service – Maryland N Statewide – MD Veronica Carter Taped
3:45 p.m. (15 mins) 24/7 News Source NT National Mark Lineberger Taped

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Time (E.T.) Station Format Market Host Live or Taped
7:40 a.m. (10 mins) “The Morning Briefing,” SiriusXM Radio NT National Tim Farley LIVE
 8:45 a.m. (5 mins) “FOX 50 News,” WRAL-FOX TV Raleigh, NC  Jason Knight LIVE
 9:00 a.m. (10 mins) Ohio News Network NT Statewide – OH Dave James Taped
9:10 a.m. (10 mins) WCMU-FM NPR Flint, MI Ben Thorpe Taped
 9:20 a.m. (10 mins) “Good Day Virginia,” WFXR-FOX TV Roanoke, VA Thom Brewer Live-to-tape
 9:40 a.m. (10 mins) “The Union Edge,” Labor’s Talk Radio TK  National Charles Showalter Live-to-tape
9:50 a.m. (10 mins) “21 WFMJ News,” WFMJ-NBC TV Youngstown, OH Amy Garland Live-to-tape
 10:00 a.m. (5 mins) WIAT-CBS TV Birmingham, AL Tachana Johnson Taped
10:05 a.m. (5 mins) WTWO-NBC TV Terre Haute, IN Julie Mahurin Live-to-tape
10:10 a.m. (10 mins) KTNV-ABC TV Las Vegas, NV JJ Snyder Live-to-tape
10:20 a.m. (10 mins) Coffee with America TV National Ebony and Sasha Taped
10:45 a.m. (5 mins) WFTX-FOX TV Fort Myers, FL Stephanie Summers Taped
10:55 a.m. (5 mins) “Your Day,” KCTU-IND TV Wichita, KS Sheryl Nutt Taped
11:05 a.m. (5 mins) “Coast Live!,” WTKR-CBS TV Norfolk, VA April Woodward Live-to-tape
11:10 a.m. (10 mins) WTMJ-NBC TV Milwaukee, WI Live-to-tape
11:40 a.m. (10 mins) “Colorado’s Best,” KWGN-CW TV Denver, CO Joana Canals LIVE
12:00 p.m. (10 mins) KRIV-FOX TV Houston, TX Alexander Supgul Web
12:10 p.m. (10 mins) “The Fox 8 News at Noon,” WGHP-FOX TV Greensboro, NC Brad Jones LIVE
1:00 p.m. (10 mins) “Live on the Lakeside,” WKYC-NBC TV Cleveland, OH Michael Cardamone Taped
1:15 p.m. (10 mins) XETV-CW TV San Diego, CA Lynda Taped
1:20 p.m. (10 mins) KXNT-AM NT Las Vegas, NV Fred Taped
Map of Coverage

Guide to Radio Station Formats





Target Audience


Triple A/Adult Album Alternative

Fast-growing format of current pop music with strong feminine appeal

Persons 25-49


Oldies Rock – Seventies

Popular rock hits from ‘70s

Persons 25-54


Oldies Rock – Eighties

Popular rock hits from ‘80s

Persons 25-54


Adult Contemporary

Broad appeal current pop hits

Women 25-54



Newer format with young adult appeal

Persons 18-34


Album Oriented Rock

Mainstream rock

Persons 18-49


All Sports

A combination of play-by-play sports or sports-orientated talk radio

Men 25-54


Black Gospel

Religious programming featuring Black Gospel music

Persons 35-64


Black, Rhythm & Blues

Traditional black, Rhythm & Blues

Persons 25-54


Business News

Concentrates on financial/business stories, but includes general news

Persons 25-54



Wide-ranging treatments of current and past country music.

Persons 18-54


Contemporary Christian

Musical religious programming highlighting contemporary compositions

Women 25-54



Classical, Symphonic, Broadway show music

Persons 35-54


Classic Rock

Rock music of the past – 50’s through 90’s

Persons 25-49



Foreign language (except Spanish)

Persons 25-54



Restricted to non-commercial stations

Persons 25-54


Easy Listening

Music of 40’s to 80’s. Principally orchestral selections and ballads

Persons 35+


Golden Oldies

Former CHR hits. Soft rock 50’s to 80’s

Persons 25-54


Hot AC

Current popular music (AC-appeal) which is bright and up-tempo

Persons 25-54



Ranges from Dixieland to sophisticated current jazz and new age

Persons 25-54



Talk and musical programming designed to appeal to children under 12

Children 2-11


Modern Rock

Rock music by current headliners

Persons 18-34


All News

All news, little or no phone talk

Persons 25-54


New AC/Smooth Jazz

Combination of AC and Jazz. Replaces AC

Persons 25-54



Phone calls from audience on various subjects. Station hosts often experts in some area

Persons 25-54


Contemporary Hit Radio

Often called top 40

Women 18-34


Religious – General

Includes teaching, sermons, etc. Music secondary

Persons 35+



Music, news and/or information in Spanish

Persons 25-54


Soft Contemporary

“Lite” Primarily instrumental. Current and recent hits

Women 25-54


Southern Gospel

Musical Religious programming featuring selections popular in the Southern United States.

Persons 25-49


Standard/MOR/Big Band

Standard, Nostalgia, Big Band, MOR

Persons 35+



Personalities, Information. Little News

Persons 25-54


Urban Contemporary

Emphasis on dance music. May include hip- hop and rap

Persons 18-49



Broad selection of programming appealing to different audiences throughout the day

Persons 25-54